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About Us

Legacy Foundation Group

The Legacy Foundation Group (LFG) is a US based 501c3 focused on serving minority and women entrepreneurs who need to grow and scale the impact of their business. Our group is supported by a global team of Sponsors, Benefactors and Supporters.

The LFG realizes that most minority and women entrepreneurs have small resources and are limited to making a small impact. Our goal is to change this factor and provide support through our network and partners.

The LFG is based upon the Freedom Model which equips our members in 3 key areas:


Awareness to think differently about their opportunities.


Learning and Shared knowledge throughout the network.


Greater impact on personal lives and communities.

Survival to Freedom Model

By increasing AWARENESS from just being alive to thinking, people can FIND POWER. but just discovering power is not enough. To BUILD POWER takes some unlearning of limiting knowledge , gaining growth knowledge and sharing the LEARNING with others. APPLICATION is elevating the way to USE POWER. Getting past the daily grind that creates struggle; Moving above the hustle that creates an illusion of comfort; Empowering others to get past the slow lane and finally, evolving to a place of freedom.

The Survival to Freedom Model is a way to help people move the needle from the daily struggles for survival to creating a generational legacy for their families and their communities.

Through corporate partnerships and a global network of philanthropists, we help those, who help others. By spreading these efforts around the world, we will improve lives for this generation and equip future generations with the knowledge and tools to equalize opportunities for greater education, health, safety and economic freedom.